dot one

I sit here in a dive centre in Dahab, Egypt. I sat here and I thought to myself, what else, I’ll start a blog. It won’t be fancy, no layouts, no pictures, just words. I’ll call it dots on the map. That is what travelling is to me. Looking at the map, looking at that mark beside a place name with as few expectations or preconceptions as possible, then arriving onto this dot and feeling it expand into three, four, five dimensions as my senses build a new map. I wish for no more than the chance to experience this; and I am incredibly thankful for it.

I am going from Cairo to Ho Chi Minh city in two parts. Part one: Cairo to Cairo in a loop around the Middle East with Gemma. Part two: Moscow to Ho Chi Minh, alone. I don’t know when or how much I will write; I’m not offering any sort of comprehensive travel account. I aim simply to share some stories. ’til the next.



2 thoughts on “dot one

  1. Oh, I love the image of you arriving on a dot, empty of expectations, and letting your sense create a new map! Thanks for this chance to join you in your journey. Til the next..much love, Fran

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